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Welcome to Hogwarts Rhapsody - if you plan to register, please make sure your username is a FIRST and LAST name. Example: Lilian Smith. This will be the name of your CHARACTER. But, most importantly, have fun!

If you are having any issues the staff here at Rhapsody is sure to have a solution, so do not be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns.

Also, meet up with the rest of the Rhapsody members in the chatbox at the bottom of main site page! This is a place where both IC (in-character) and OOC (out of character) conversation happens and can be a great way to meet the other members, one-on-one.

Once again, WELCOME TO RHAPSODY! Enjoy your stay!

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 Rules (Subject to Change)

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PostSubject: Rules (Subject to Change)   Rules (Subject to Change) I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 23, 2012 11:03 pm

Welcome to Hogwarts Rhapsody. Here are the Rules and Regulations.

Overall Site Rules
1. MUTUAL RESPECT should be given to each other AT ALL TIMES. We are all old enough to be reasonable and talk with each other.
2. PLEASE be as active as you can.
3. Have fun
4. A Note on "Taboo" Topics: Please keep discussions on religion, politics, etc. to a minimum and ONLY with people you know. This rule is so as not to cause any kind of offense to the most people.

Character/RP Rules
1. For now, a player may have as many characters as they wish, Adult or Student. As long as you can handle the load. This rule is likely going to change once we get new players and more positions are filled and such.

2. The rating of this site is PG-13, for mostly violence and torture. Please, however, avoid torture/killing of the following:
*Young Children NPCs.

3. A rule about sexual content: Please keep it to a minimum. I understand there will be adults in relationships, but again, please keep it to a minimum. This is moreso that we do not get into trouble with the host site. I do NOT want to come onto the site and see ANY graphic sexual content. Of ANY kind. If you and another character are going to have sex, then please, let it be implied.

4. A Note about Same-Sex Relationships: They are welcomed. But the same rules apply.

5. Please make your posts as detailed as you can. One-liners and short posts are sometimes necessary, but please keep these to a minimum. Be creative!

6. A note about "other" Creatures (this includes Vampires, Werewolves, Veelas, etc.): A certain number of them will be allowed. This includes fantasy creatures which are not necessarily HP related. However, I'd like these abilities and such to be sort of minor things as much as possible. Perks, if you will.

7. Please follow the Basic Rules of RP, which can be found in another post.

8. ANY questionable plotlines, actions, etc. should be directed to myself or another Admin.

Site Format
We will have two weeks on lessons, one week off. Lessons will be posted by Professors every other Monday. At the end of the lesson will be a classwork assignment to perform, preferably something like a series of questions on the material, a practical assignment, or both. Students are to complete whatever it is their Professor gives them. The student then receives credit. There will be room for questions and such to be RPd, but this format is basically to streamline classes so there can be a focus on personal plot lines.

A typical year will run thus:

September 1st (About One Week): Arrivals/Sorting Feast/Class Sign-Ups
September/October/November(Two Weeks): Lesson One
December (One Week): Winter Break
January/February/March (Two Weeks): Lesson Two
April (One Week): Spring Break
May (Two Weeks): Lesson Three
June (One Week): Final Exams
July/August (Two Weeks): Summer Break

Overall Site Plotlines
The overall plotline of the site and any major things that are going to happen which will affect all chraracters in some way will be determined by the Admins. However, these are NOT set in stone and can change. This site was made by me, but it is YOUR site too. I am very open to any suggestions which the players can provide.

As a Character
To Join Hogwarts Rhapsody, here's what you need to do:

1. First, Register. PLEASE be sure your User Name is the name of your character. Ex: Ariadne Liddell NOTE: NO canon characters are allowed. Originals only.
2. Make a Character Sheet.
3. Post your Character Sheet to the Sorting Hat. You will be moved to the appropriate place.
4. Enjoy the Game!

Rules (Subject to Change) Mikasiggy1
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Rules (Subject to Change)
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