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 Lucifer Mordane

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Lucifer Mordane

Lucifer Mordane

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Lucifer Mordane Alex-110

General Information

Full Name: Lucifer Mordane
Nickname: Luc
Age: 11
Birthdate: February 7th
Birthplace: Manchester, England
Current Home: Manchester, England
Blood Purity: Pure


Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Style: Short and depends on his mood if its tidy or not.
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5ft ?
Body Type: Slim but muscular
Dress Style: Always dressed smartly. His family believe first impressions mean everything.


Likes: Girl, getting what he wants, fighting, being with his brother, being alone, weapons, winning, money, lying to get what he wants.
Dislikes: Losing, disrespectful people (towards him and his family), big crowds, not getting his way, people who run from a fight, weak people.
Strengths: Manipulating people into getting his own way, fighting.
Weaknesses: Crowds and small spaces.

Lucifer grew up in a pure blood family. They aren't the typical pureblood family and believe all magicals are equal in blood status. Blood doesn't give you status its what you do that defines you not where you were born. They don't however like muggles. They find them to be was narrow minded and naive.

Leon Sr. is a firm believer in getting a head start in life. From a very young age he had his children taught how to defend themselves the muggle way. (They would learn to protect themselves like wizards when they went to school). Books weren't important to him until it comes to the time for his kids to go to school. Then and only then did he expect his children to settle down and learn. No son of his was going to disgrace his name by failing at school or being last in class results.


Father: Leon Mordane Sr.
Mother: Leanne Mordane
Siblings: An older brother named: Leon Mordane Jr. (18) and a younger sister named: Isabella (10)


Wand: Aspen, veela hair, 11"
Pet: Scorpion named: Scorpio



Upcoming Plots
(This is more for your reference, to keep track of upcoming major events)

Celebrity Claim: Alex Pettyfer
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Lucifer Mordane
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