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 Skylar Lucetia

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Skylar Lucetia

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General Information

Full Name: Skylar Lucetia
Nickname: Sky
Age: 21
Birthdate: April 15
Birthplace: United State
Current Home: London
Blood Purity: half-blood
Occupation: Ministry Employee

Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: green
Height: five foot three inches
Body Type: slim/slender
Dress Style: comfortable baggy clothing unless she’s working. When working she dresses up in dress pants and shirts.

Skylar is a very quiet person. She can be gentle as a lamb, or if angered, a person’s worse nightmare. It takes a great deal to get her to snap however because she has a great deal of patience. She prefers order and rules and abides by them, but if necessary, will occasionally bend them if the situation so calls for such a drastic measure. She is very flexible and can work with almost anyone to get the job done. She can take the lead, but prefers to be a follower.
Likes: Order, long walks, nature, a good book, anything she considers fun
Dislikes: Being the center of attention and chaos
Strengths: Flexible and able to work with most anyone because she is so patient.
Weaknesses: because she is quiet she has a hard time expressing herself.


Father: Vincent Lucetia
Mother: Aria Lucetia (deceased)
Siblings: none
Spouse/Partner: None
Children: None
History: Skylar’s mother was a wonderful witch named Aria Lucetia. She met her husband Vincent when she moved to America. They lived happily raising Skylar. When she became of age she attended Hogwarts as her mother did and graduated returning home. Shortly afterwards her mother fell ill, passing leaving Skylar and her father devastated. She accompanied her father back to London but they fought and Skylar moved out on her own. She still helps her father, insuring he has a comfortable life.

Wand: 12 inch wand made of willow with unicorn hair as its core.
Pet: none


Upcoming Plots
(This Space is mostly for your reference, for any major plot lines/twists coming up with your character)

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Skylar Lucetia
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