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 Blake Cartier

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Blake Cartier

Blake Cartier

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PostSubject: Blake Cartier   Blake Cartier I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 31, 2012 2:09 am

General Information

Full Name: Blake Vexen Cartier
Nickname: Blakey
Age: 25
Birthdate: 05/16
Birthplace: London
Current Home: London
Blood Purity: Pureblooded
Occupation: Care of Magical Creatures, History of Magic Professor

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5 foot 9 inches
Body Type: Slim, Slender, Muscular
Dress Style: Suits and Casual


Likes: Running in the rain, Reading, Practicing Spells, Baking
Dislikes: Potions, Country Music, Snakes, Rude attitudes
Strengths: Loyalty, Friendship, Wand handling, Remembering Spells
Weaknesses: Potions, Death, Arithmancy, and Hot guys


Father: Xyler Cartier
Mother: Rose Cartier nee' Maximoff
Siblings: Jackson 29, Daisy 10, and Scott 18
Spouse/Partner: --
Children: --
History: Blake was born into a pureblooded family known as The Cartier's. He was the only offspring of Judy and Harold. He had life by his golden spoon.... literally. His parents never gave him any attention and he was raised by what ever nanny or maid that they hired for the night. Once he turned seven his father told him that he was indeed a wizard and that once he turned eleven that he would be sent to a wizard school known as Hogwarts. Blake was sorted into Hufflepuff when he arrived at the school, he began his first year kinda shaky as he would constantly get lost and end up in the wrong floor, great thanks to the magical stairs. After the weeks went by Blake got more and more comfortable with the school.

Blake took almost all of the classes at Hogwarts. But his utmost favorite class was Care of Magical Creatures, which later in his life he would soon teach it. Once his fifth year came, he realized that he was gay, his parents didn't take it well. In fact they disowned him and told him that he would have to life his homosexual life on his own. His Grandfather disagreed with his parents and gladly took him in. Once Blake graduated from Hogwarts, top of his class. Blake was hit with a tragedy, his Grandfather passed away. The true person who loved him and excepted him, had left him. He now all alone, like his parents wanted while he was a student. In his will, he left all his possessions to Blake, including his 4 story mansion.

Blake had learned how to earn his own money, and didn't like waving his money in front of people. Shortly after his Grandfather's death, Hogwarts had contacted Blake and asked if he would teach his old favorite class Care of Magical Creatures. He gladly excepted it and this will be his first year teaching at Hogwarts. He was also offered the position of History of Magic, and graciously accepted.

Wand: 12" Vine with Dragon Heartstring
Pet: Barn Owl named Rufus, Horse named Delilah

Friends:Mika Delaney-Snape,
Enemies: Evil
Acquaintances: --

Upcoming Plots
(This Space is mostly for your reference, for any major plot lines/twists coming up with your character)

Celebrity Claim: Neil Patrick Harris
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Blake Cartier
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