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 Brett Gonzalez

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Brett Gonzalez
Head of House
Brett Gonzalez

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General Information

Full Name: Brett Augustus Gonzalez
Nickname: “I am Professor Gonzalez (and you can too!)”
Age: 32
Birthdate: February 29th
Birthplace: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Current Home: London, United Kingdom
Blood Purity: Half-Blood
Occupation: Transfiguration Professor, Vinyl Record Shop owner, Hufflepuff HoH


Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Brown eyes
Height: 5'8”
Body Type: Medium build, with a swimmer's musculature.
Dress Style: Formal, wearing both robes and suits.


Likes: Cats, books, the Internet, black coffee, obscure music. Oh. And raw meat.
Dislikes: Bears, dogs, alcohol, pungent smells, flowers, the Moon.
Strengths: Comfortable in both the Magical and Muggle world, parody, Transfiguration, and music.
Weaknesses: Lycanthropy, occasional wanderlust, bad music.


Father: Fredric Gonzalez, squib stock broker.
Mother: Helena Colbert, half-blood witch Healer.
Siblings: Josephine (oldest/squib)), Terrell (older/wizard), Stephanie (younger/witch) and Jonathan (youngest/squib).
Spouse/Partner: None.
Children: Perhaps one day.
History: Born to loving parents in Halifax, the middle of five children. Raised in a family thoroughly mixed between the magical and non-magical, his family strode to expose their children to both. His father took an almost ideological approach to their upbringing, believing that the future of the world depended on the fusing of the best of both worlds.

Much of his early childhood was spent in relative comfort, going to a local private elementary school, and overall being a generally normal kid. Yet, there was some suspense over whether or not he would end up a squib like his father and oldest sister, or a wizard like is mother and brother. Luckily, they were not in suspense long, though it did end in a round of near heart attacks - his first use of magic had him appear in a bear exhibit at the age of eight. Luckily, no bears were harmed.

Things changed however a few months after he turned nine. His family was on a camping trip in one of the vast forests of Québec, when they were subject not to yet more bears, but a lycanthrope attack. Brett had gone off by himself to answer the call of nature, when the werewolf attacked. His mother ended up killing the bastard, but not before her son was had been right properly bitten.

His mother, a properly trained Healer did all that she could to try to rectify the situation, but to no avail. The next full moon was one of the hardest times on his family, despite the fact that his mother's work managed to secure then a small but vital supply of wolfsbane potion. His family soldiered on, however, and Brett had about the best morale support one could hope for.

Eventually Brett came of age to start his magical training, and like his older brother, he ended up at Salem, Massachusetts, the closest wizarding school to Halifax. The headmistress there was less than thrilled to take in a werewolf student, but a few extra gold coins and a secure supply of wolfsbane potion made the process much smoother.

Brett proved to be a very able wizard indeed, quite intelligent, and despite a hard first year, managed to gain a small but tight circle of friends, despite the fairly public knowledge of his lycanthropy. Somewhat ironically, the subject he most excelled at was Transfiguration (as he never bothered with Muggle Studies).

With the arrival two years later of his sister Stephanie at the Salem Institute, the rest of the family decided that it was time to move a little closer, and when Brett was 14, his family moved to Boston. It was a hard change for Brett, as his old home in Halifax was very dear to him, but adjusted well, and the summer times of his teenage years ended up being some of his most interesting, especially has he gravitated toward the groups that would end up being called hipsters.

As he neared graduation, he ran into something of a conundrum – what should he do with the rest of his life? Much of that depended on just how quickly he wanted to enter into the wizarding world, and ultimately felt that 18 was just too soon to be deciding on a career in the wizarding world, not to mention that much of the wizarding community wouldn't hire him. It was with this decision that he ended up going to Tufts University, to round out his muggle education. During this time, he kept up with independent studies on magical subjects as well. Still, he didn't know what he should do. His lycanthropy was a constant weight around his neck, despite the small incremental improvements that his mother had made to the potion's formula over the years (eventually allowing him to completely retain his mental faculties rather than being merely tame as long as he drank the potion for a week before the full moon). Most muggle jobs just wouldn't be able to get away with that.

It was the hipster community that ended up giving him an idea. The continued interest in vinyl among that community ended up with Brett experimenting with putting new and contemporary songs on vinyl, an idea that took off with a rather surprising demographic – young wizards, especially those that lived in highly magical areas or buildings that caused modern technology to cease functioning. This ultimately created a business model for Brett, and so he ended up becoming a business major and his own boss. (This is also where he started to wear suits, for the irony.)

His shop ended up supporting him fairly decently, but after a number of years, Brett started to tire of the scene. Several of his Salem friends ended up moving over to Britain, and struck by the fact that he hadn't done anything huge on a whim yet, and he was already 28 and feeling old, he decided to first visit and then move to London. He retained ownership of his shop in the US, but turned day to day management over to his youngest brother.

In London, he tried to do the same thing as he did in Boston – open up a vinyl shop. Yet, for several reasons, the business venture just did not go well, and the werewolf was forced to look for other alternatives. At first, Brett ignored the the wizarding world in his search for looking for an income, but after reaching several dead ends, he ended up having to approach the community. Here, people didn't know that he was a werewolf, but he knew that hiding it from any employer or even customers would be near impossible, and probably grounds for termination. But he heard a rumor that the famed Hogwarts school had at one point recently hired a werewolf to fill a position. It wasn't much, but it was something, and so he asked for an interview with the headmistress.

Wand: Redwood, 10 ½ inches with a feathered serpent tailfeather core.
Pet: Bald Eagle (Columbia), Kneazle (Casey)


Upcoming Plots

Celebrity Claim: Stephen Colbert
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Brett Gonzalez
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