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 Jason White

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Jason White
Head of House

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PostSubject: Jason White   Jason White I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 26, 2012 12:10 pm

Full Name: Jason Alexander White
Nickname: Jason, Mister Whitey, Various nicknames given by students over the years
Age: 30
Birthdate: July 6th
Birthplace: Devenshire
Current Home: London somewhere
Blood Purity: Half blood
Occupation: School teacher

Hair Color: Black, short and shaggy, often kept at least partly in a tail at the nape of his neck.
Eye Color: Very light silver.
Height: 6’2
Body Type: Average/average-fit
Dress Style: Business casual to professional when at work. Other wise, he very much favors old jeans and tees.


Likes: FIRE, oranges,
Dislikes: Lemons, racism, Chocolate (allergy), dolls
Strengths: Charms, loyalty to friends, something of a heroic streak
Weaknesses: heroic streak, potions, can’t cook to save his life.


Father: Tristan White, Deceased.
Mother: Patrica White, Decesased
Siblings: Michelle Lori Robinson, adopted while they were at school.
Spouse/Partner: none
Children: Trysta Ryan, 11
History: Born into a large family, with more male cousins than one can shake a stick at. Went to Hogwarts, ended up with a best friend he later had to provide some care for, and went to college in the muggle realm and somewhere along the way hooked up with a woman who, ten months later, appeared at his apartment, dropped a baby in his arms and said, “BYE!” Jason was by that point at the beginning of school, but his parents were merciful and helped him out. Since then, he has been a teacher, dad, and caretaker for his very good friend.

Wand: Twelve inch, cottonwood, dragon heartstring
Pet: none

Relationships: Daughter, Trysta
Friends: Michelle Robinson
Enemies: None he knows of

Upcoming Plots
(This Space is mostly for your reference, for any major plot lines/twists coming up with your character)

Celebrity Claim: Hugh Laurie
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Jason White
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