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 Quinn Altarga

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Quinn Altarga
Deputy Headmaster/HOS/DADA Professor...your worst nightmare.
Quinn Altarga

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General Information

Full Name: Quinn Altarga
Nickname: Ironhide - Hawkeye
Age: 24
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Current Home: Essex, England
Blood Purity: Pure blood
Occupation: Deputy Headmaster - Head of Slytherin House - and DADA Professor at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Hair Color: Dark Brown - black.
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 6'0
Body Type: Toned
Dress Style: Casual/Nice


Likes: Strong willed people, intelligence, alcohol, a challenge, women.
Dislikes: Buffoons, laziness, stupidity, general population.
Strengths: Dark Arts, Fearless, Ambitious, Cunning, Quick-minded.
Weaknesses: Alcohol, The dragon, temper, impatience.


Father: Liam Altarga - Russian (deceased)
Mother: Amidalla Altarga - Japanese (deceased)
Siblings: Finley Dannon (brother), Vincent Cyr (brother), Madeline Lavosa (sister), Caroline Montaga (sister).
Spouse/Partner: None at the moment.
Children: .....ha.

Wand: Ebony - Nazgul blood core - 13 1/4 inches.


Upcoming Plots

August 1st, 2010: Staff Meeting - Official introductions.

Celebrity Claim: GACKT, muthaf**kah.

A snake, am I? Well, let's just see how snake-like I can be.
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Quinn Altarga
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