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 Mika Delaney-Snape

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Mika Delaney-Snape
Mika Delaney-Snape

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General Information

Full Name: Mika Aislinn Snape (nee Delaney)
Nickname: Mi-chan.
Age: 28
Birthdate: May 1st
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Current Home: England
Blood Purity: Technically she is Muggle-born.
Job: Headmistress of Hogwarts


Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Straight, typical Asian hair.
Eye Color: Grey-blue
Height: 5 ft, 5 inches
Body Type: Summed up....neat and petite.
Dress Style: She prefers function over form, and typically wears trousers or jeans with tough, well-worn dragon-hide boots and peasant tops or tunics beneath her witch's robes. She has been known however to wear beautiful, stylish frocks when called upon.


Likes: intelligence, wit, books, quiet evenings, playing music, and helping other people.
Dislikes: hard-hardheadedness, stupidity and spiders.
Strengths: divination, potions, ancient runes, herbology
Weaknesses: people in need, sweets in general, and snarky men.



Father: Liam Delaney
Mother: Akiko Delaney, nee Tsukino
Siblings: No known siblings
Other: (optional): The Delaney family can be traced back to a long line of priestesses, and seers who were keepers of an old way of life which has been mostly forgotten. In the Delaney family female children were and are more highly valued, because of the matriarchal views passed down from each generation. However that does not mean male children are not prized as well. Mika was born in Kyoto, Japan. She was a curious and precocious child who loved to explore and be in tune with nature, especially water. Her mother was a Shinto priestess and her father an Irish diplomat who stayed in Japan and married her mother. They inherited the family shrine and Mika worked there as a miko, or helper/priestess when she was young. When she was nine she showed signs of magic and was trained some by her parents before attending the Kiyagama School of Magic in Kyoto at age eleven. During that year, an unknown dark force began killing people. By the time it was controlled, a dozen people and Mika's childhood friend were among the slaughtered. The Delaney family was blamed and forced to leave Japan.

Coming to England, the Delaney family set themselves up in the Lake District, near a small town called Ravenglass, and Mika began attending Hogwarts. She was Sorted into Ravenclaw, and met Circe Darid, her new best friend. She passed all her OWLs, but with Outstanding in Divination and Charms, Exceeds Expectations in Transfiguration, Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. After leaving school, she traveled to the Holy Isle of Avalon to stay with her father's family and learn their magic.

After spending some time there, she traveled to the United States, lecturing at Salem and several other institutes for magic before returning to England and the new War.

Wand: 10 Inches. Willow Wood, with a Unicorn Tail Hair Core.
Pet: One Cat--Loki.


Upcoming Plots

Mika Delaney-Snape Mikasiggy1
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Mika Delaney-Snape
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